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I'm a client-server programming specialist.
When I was abble to programme some popular website, I had a look to SEO.

I have evolved the same time as the web has, in agreement with my original choice.
I turned to PHP language because it was, in my opinion, the best choice for the web.
Upcoming powerful frameworks such as Symfony confirms my idea.
I also strongly interested in Google, one hand because, the largest volume of traffic is come from.
On the other hand, Google's philosophy on building its index seemed to me from the start, very durable.

With all my experience, I have, more interested in complex developments, reusable and quality.
I had the opportunity in my career, I realized that a robust code factored whose bricks are well separated, is much more cost effective than a few lines moult once duplicated hastily to make a project in record time.

Symfony's philosophy has rubbed off on me...

Now, I watch with interest the evolution of development for mobility. I already developing for mobile devices, but I have not stopped my choice about the best technology is for.
I think the tool to be used tomorrow which will have consensus is not visible at this time.
Once marks have finished delivering their political battles and marketing, technology will continue to increase.

I wish you happy surfing, we can talk together with Contact's page.