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PHP development

I'm focused on client-server development, that's why my choice is PHP to do this.
PHP is the most popular for this, I don't think it's just a luck.
I can use other languages when PHP is not the better choice for a specific development.

Framework Symfony

For a long time, I wasn't for framework usage. One reason was the amazing complexity to do some specific development when not framework was for.
Symfony 1.4 was, for me, the framework who brakes this difficulty. Not perfect, that's right, but It was structuring and reducing development time.
Now, with Symfony v2.x, it's difficult to do without framework. Even if some other frameworks as Zend does not demerit.

MySQL, PostgreSQL databases

Applications needs to save data. When you use PHP, MySQL is a natural choice.
Even so, I take a look to PostgreSQL, because some tools and performances are interesting.
I know that read/write data could be very expansive. That's why I'm very careful with that.

HTML, Javascript and CSS

My first experience on web was to do some pages with HTML. I'm a SEO specialist, that's why I'm very conscientious regarding HTML.
It's very important in SEO to respect semantic.

Admin server

Applications are client-server, so, it's important to know server administration.
To be coherent, I'm focused on Linux.
If I was ASP.Net and MySQL Server programmer, I will, naturaly, be focused on Windows Server.
Usualy my choice is on Gentoo. It takes more time to install, but maintenance takes less.
When I'm too short, I install also CentOS. I prefer Redhat distributions than Debian. Just a feeling question.


First, I'm a PHP developper, but I know, when it's better, programming with C++, Java and C#.


I was previously on a manager career, that's the reason why I have capabilities in management.
I learned leadership in French army, Mc Donald's and a large french phone brand.